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Getting Started


Fashion Fantasies - Ready For Profit Sales Kit

The most recent Fashion Fantasies catalog is your one stop, portable boutique.  This is a complete store front containing over 300 of the most popular items that fit right into your pocket or purse!  Available with suggested retail prices printed inside, this is an easy to use marketing tool.  You don’t have to mess with creating or maintaining price lists.  This catalog is an inexpensive tool and can be purchase in quantity at a discount.

Marketing Your New Business

Prior to investing any amount of money into a new business opportunity, we at Lotions & Lace recommend that you test all of your opportunities first… that includes this offer.  First test: does it excite and interest you?  You should be very interested and excited about your new products and potential business venture.  Next, invite one or more of your friends over for coffee, tea, or whatever!  Show them your catalog, tell them of your intentions, and ask for their valued opinions.  In most cases you will actually get your first order right then and there!  Congratulations, not only have you tested your new business opportunity but you’ve made a sale without additional investment!

Marketing Methods

Catalog Sales

Your Fashion Fantasies catalog is an attention getting sales tool!  

Take it with you everywhere you go.  Never miss an opportunity to take it out and browse through it.  At coffee shops, while having your hair or nails done.  On the train or on a break, people will want to see your catalog and start asking questions.  Always contact previous or potential new customers prior to the holidays for big sales.  Give a call, post to social media, or drop by with your catalog in hand and just say something like “Hi Sara, Valentine’s Day is coming soon.  If you need a gift for Joe let me know so I can help you pick some fantastic items out.”  Suggest some men’s novelty briefs, romantic dice, and some tasty body treats.  YES!  Another sale and you’ve just saved Sara from fighting crowds at the store or saved her from endless searching for something sexy and unique on the Internet.

Party Plan

By far still the most popular method of direct sales there is.  Your party is done just like those other parties that sell home wares, kitchen products, etc.… but your parties are fun and extremely PROFITABLE!  Experienced distributors can average over $500 in sales in just 2 to 3 hours of work.  Your profit can be anywhere from $200 to $300!  This business is also self-perpetuating.  Offer the host or hostess free merchandise based upon their party sales.  That’s free merchandise credit that they can choose to spend on whatever they want.  Example:  A $450 party would give the hostess 10% in free merchandise credit… or $45 retail value, but that only costs you from $20 to $25!   At the end of the party be sure to tell the guests about the wonderful free gifts and how they can earn free gifts too!

Experienced party planners end up with an additional 2 to 4 bookings just because they asked.  Never be afraid to ask for bookings or referrals.  Sometimes customers are shy and won’t speak up, your asking will open the door to new, exciting opportunities.

Wholesale Marketing

As you conduct your daily business you will inevitably have others who show in interest in marketing your products.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you!  Offer a commission of 25% just by selling your merchandise!  All you do is send the orders in for them, that’s it.  We offer drop shipping to your customers or distributors for a minimal service fee.

Internet Marketing

Start your own website.  You don’t need anything elaborate, just a basic, inexpensive website is enough to get your Internet business off the ground.  Use your pages to highlight new merchandise and add to your product offerings.  Most websites offer blog pages where you can give some information about your business as well as the fabulous products you offer, what they do, and how they can help couples improve their love lives.  Write a review for your favorite product and you are off and running.  Invite your friends to write a summery about their favorite items and add it to your blog!  You don’t need anything fancy to get your website going.  Don’t forget to put your website information on all your catalogs as well as business cards and promotional literature.

Unlimited Marketing Methods and Potential

There are no limits to the creative methods available for marketing your “Fashion Fantasies” product line.  Your catalog is perfect for mail order or direct marketing.  You can open your own boutique with just this line.  You can even sell to exotic dancers, electric festival goers, as well as club waitresses and bartenders.  Market your business to a bar or dinner club, offering fashion shows on their slower days to help attract customers and to market your business.  

No matter what coarse of marketing you choose to get started, the most important thing you can do is just that - GET STARTED!  And never, ever give up!  Success goes to those that are determined, flexible and passionate.


Our Offer to You

The Details

  1. No Investment - start your business without investing another penny.
  2. No Minimum Order - you can order each and every item in units of one.  Handling fee of $5 will be added to all merchandise orders under $40 wholesale.  Catalog orders are exempt from this fee.
  3. No Inventory Required - we act as your personal warehouse, stocking each item in the catalog in every style, color, size, and flavor in the catalog and on the website.
  4. Business Protection - unknown callers who cannot source our ads are referred back to you, the local distributor!
  5. Sales Supplies and Information - from merchandise bags, mini packs, party promos, and more, we’ve got everything you need to successfully and professionally operate your business.

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